In-Sync is a partnership between a renowned nutritionist and well known British actress. It has evolved into an effective diet plan that covers all bases for people of all ages. Devoted to healthy weight loss, it revolutionises the way we eat, exercise and live.

What started with just two people has transformed the lives of thousands. Meet the partnership and team behind In-Sync.

Meet the team

Glynis Barber

Actress Glynis Barber is known both on stage and television.
After achieving world wide success with the series Dempsey and Makepeace, she went on to star in numerous other TV shows including Blakes 7, Night & Day, Emmerdale, The Royal, Eastenders and most recently, The Outpost.

Fleur Borrelli

Fleur Borrelli is the UK’s first psycho-neuro-immunology clinician. Psycho-neuro-immunology is a multi-layered approach to medicine, which looks at the pathways to ill health and provides regenerative interventions. Fleur focuses on stemming the tide of chronic lifestyle-related illnesses (such as obesity, Type II diabetes, autoimmune disease and fatigue) and enhancing physical performance.

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